Run, Anthony, Run!

Since it’s the end of the weekend I thought I should share what fun activities we did here on the island. Friday we ran around finishing up a few things on campus and went with our friends Meg and Marcus to Kahuku Grill to meet up with another couple they are friends with. We had plans to go to the same place for dinner on Saturday, so the four of us just had an order of fries. Which, may I just add, were DELICIOUS! Seriously, some of the best fries I have ever had. Needless to say, we were quite excited to go back the next night and try their burgers.

Saturday we woke up and caught the bus down to Haleiwa where the Vans Triple Crown was happening. We needed to find a few things and heard this was the best town to look around in. So that’s what we did! We didn’t even make it to the surf contest due to the bus schedule and rain. We had a lot of fun hanging out down there and exploring though! As it came time for us to leave, Anthony wanted to run into one last surf shop (only because they were having a sale). Of course he decides this as we are sitting at the bus stop, expecting the bus in 8 minutes. You can probably guess where this is going…. So, I am sitting at the bus stop, Anthony is in the surf shop, I don’t have my wallet, he has BOTH bus passes and the money AND my phone……and the bus comes around the corner. (p.s. the bus stop and the surf shop were not exactly right next to each other) I start to look around wondering where the heck he went when I hear flip flops slapping against the cement. I turn and see Anthony running as fast as he can in his slippery sandals trying to get to the bus stop before the bus! hahaha! I laughed pretty hard, not going to lie. Only because I knew we would make it on that bus. Anyway, we made it home in time to get ready for our little double date. We had a really good time with Meg and Marcus. I am so grateful we found them! They are awesome! Oh, and the burgers at Kahuku Grill? SO GOOD. I hope you all come visit so we can take you there!!

Today was our first day in our new ward! It was a lot of fun and we are really excited to get to know everyone. We, again, feel so blessed to be here. Everyone is so kind and we are so excited for the adventures to come! Being so far from home can be a little difficult, but we know this is where we need to be at this time which makes it a little bit easier:)

Sorry no pictures this time! We love you all!!!


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