Birthday Weekend!

This weekend we got to celebrate Anthony’s birthday together for the first time! Since his birthday was today (Sunday) we decided to celebrate with a little trip in to Honolulu last night. The whole weekend was a bit of a celebration actually, starting Friday. I will do a quick little recap for you all. I actually took some photos so I will share those too:)

We spent most of the day at the beach (finally!!). We went to Waimea Bay with Anthony’s mission buddy, Brad, and his fiance. It was a lot of fun! Anthony jumped off the rock, but I stayed on safe ground to take this picture:

When we were done at the beach we headed home to clean up and go out to a movie. We went to the local theater (only shows two movies at a time) and saw Rise of the Guardians. It was pretty good and definitely a cute kids movie. I would recommend to anyone looking for an excellent family movie!

We got started a little late Saturday but still had plenty of time to do what we wanted! We headed out to Honolulu in the early afternoon and made a stop at Pearl Harbor on the way. I remember going with my family a while ago and loving all the stuff they have preserved/found and put on display. There is a special and unique feeling of respect and honor at that memorial. I absolutely love it. We spent some time walking around the museums and taking in the scenery. It was a beautiful day which made it a really awesome experience all over again. We then headed to Waikiki beach to find a place to have Anthony’s birthday dinner:) We ended up at CPK and had a lovely dinner people watching and hanging out together.

 Drive around the island to Pearl Harbor
 Sweet tunnel THROUGH the mountain
 Pearl Harbor


 Waikiki Sunset…so pretty!

Church for us starts at 10, which is a really nice time to have church. There were really good talks and lessons which was a great start to our day! We then came home and hung out for a little bit before going to check out another apartment. The place we have now is temporary and we have to be out by December 13 so we have been busy checking out other places. I really, really, liked the apartment we saw today. It’s a hundred more than what we are paying now, but it’s really close to school, clean, and has a full kitchen (a rare find out here). We are crossing our fingers we get the place. Anyway, we then skyped with my family since it is my sisters birthday today too. It was good to see everyone and hear whats new in their lives. Anthony got a phone call from his sister and mom and we are now watching Star Wars. Pretty exciting! haha. We both LOVE talking to family every Sunday, so it really was a perfect day!

That’s all for our little weekend. It was one giant date! Oh, wait…that’s our life right now! haha. I love my husband and am so glad he came into this world 24 years ago today. I am a lucky girl to have him in my life. Happy Birthday, Anthony!!

We love you guys!


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