Some Good News!

There is some good news here in the Ellsworth home!

1) We got the apartment we looked at last Sunday! We are so excited to move in. It’s a little expensive, but we will be fine…and that’s because of the other good news I have!

2) WE BOTH GOT JOBS! Hallelujah. I actually have two jobs for right now… but will go down to one when school starts.

So, we are excited about the housing situation being solved AND the job situation. They both happened in the same week too. Lucky us! The apartment is literally right next door so that will make moving really easy which is good because we are both tired of moving. We’re ready to settle down somewhere for a while. No more living out of suitcases! Our jobs are at the same restaurant, Kahuku Grill, so that’s nice too. We are only in the training phase right now, but by next week we should be up and running. My second job is only three mornings a week right now but starting December 14 it will be every morning. I am basically a caretaker/maid for this elderly lady (Jeanne). It’s really……fun. She is kind of (actually really) grumpy a lot of the time so it makes it kind of hard. It’s a challenge some days. But she is really nice when she’s in a good mood! I am working with two other girls right now and they are awesome. I really like them both. Both girls are leaving for Christmas though which is why I got the job. We basically clean Jeanne’s mansion and do whatever else she needs us to do. She rides this little motorized scooter around the house and tells us what to do. It’s really kind of funny actually. Anyway, that’s what I have been up to lately.

These past two weeks have been hard for us (mostly me). We don’t have that much to do, even though its gotten better with the new jobs, so there has been a lot of idle time. Which has been making me really homesick. This holiday season will be a special one, as it may be the last time my family will all be together for a few years. So the idle time + that thought = me crying to Anthony a lot. hahaha I have gotten better in the last day or so, but it still brings tears to my eyes to think I will be missing out on precious family time this Christmas season. The only thing that makes it better is remembering that I have a husband, Heavenly Father, and family that love me no matter what. I look forward to the years ahead that we will get to spend together as a family. Other than the spurts of homsickness, we have been doing great! It’s truly beautiful here and we are so blessed! Anthony and I were sitting and talking the other night about how everything has been working out so well for us since we got married and how grateful we are for the abundance of blessings! It really is true! We have been blessed beyond measure. We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for watching out for us.

I think that’s probably enough from me! We are headed to the temple tonight for a little date before our crazy work filled weekend starts! I went once this week by myself and am so glad I did, even though I love going with Anthony too:) It is the perfect way to spend our spare time and get away, either together or apart, from the crazy world we live in. Also, I love that its only a 20-25 minute walk to get there!

We love you all!

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