Crock pot + bike basket = …….

This weekend was full of Christmas parties! It was fun to be with friends and get a little Christmas spirit going here in Hawaii! Friday night we went to our ward party where they had a WHOLE pig, head and all, on the table…to EAT! hahaha I couldn’t stop staring at it because the HEAD was still there! ha! Not used to that. Apparently I will get used to it since its completely normal here. The food was good, we met lots of awesome people in our ward, and even got to see Santa! After the ward party we went to see the movie, Life of Pi. It was a pretty good movie, lots of floating around the ocean. Anyone who knows me knows that I would probably rather die than float around the ocean all alone for 200+ days. The open ocean is a bit terrifying in my opinion. Anyway, it was a good movie! It had some really nice messages too, which is always refreshing in movies these days.

Saturday we went to the beach with Meg and Marcus. The boys went body surfing while us girls sat on the beach and read our books in silence! It was perfect. We then headed home and just hung out until it was time to go to our second Christmas party of the weekend! One of the girls who works at Jeanne’s house (Jeanne’s main caretaker) lives in the apartment above Jeanne’s 3 car garage with her husband. Jessica (Jess) is actually married to one of my brother and sister’s really good friend, Dewey. That’s how I got the job at the mansion. Connections, obviously. Anyway, the party was at Jess and Dewey’s house. I made a pudding cake/lava cake thing in the crock pot for the party only to realize the only way to get it to the party was to put it in the basket on my bike…Yeah, didn’t think it through too well. hahaha. We made it all the way to the house without any spills or accidents but when we parked our bikes by the front door I turned away from my bike (for literally 2 seconds) and my handle bars/front tire turned due to the weight in the basket. You can probably guess that I didn’t get there in time to catch it… So, we had lava cake all over and were standing at Jess’s front door. Oops. Good thing that recipe makes a lot! The party was good after that little fiasco and we met more really nice married couples! Everyday it seems we are making more friends. I love it!

( Jenga was the game of choice for the boys last night)

Today we didn’t do much. We went to church and now we are sitting around waiting for dinner to be done. Drew Toolson and Heidi Poppleton (younger, fun, friends from home) are coming over to eat with us tonight. It’s the last Sunday of the semester so I thought it would be fun to have them over before they go home:) Everyone starts to leave this week so it will be pretty empty next week at church. It seems everyone we meet is going home for Christmas! There isn’t a whole lot going on this week besides work for both of us. Jeanne is having a little Christmas “party” on Thursday and she invited everyone who works at her mansion and their spouses/significant others too. It will probably be a very blog worth afternoon. haha. Oh! and we move on Thursday! Thats exciting for us! I will post pictures of our new home next weekend:)

We hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas spirit wherever they are and remembering what this season is truly about!

Love you guys!!

P.S. Singing Christmas hymns at church is THE BEST!

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