We moved. haha again!

Every time I post it seems to be when we move…..I need to be better about this or we need to stop moving so much! We were worried about affording (actually knew we couldn’t afford 1,200 a month right now) so we had been praying for help and to miraculously get into TVA (the on campus married student housing). We were searching everywhere for somewhere cheaper. One particularly hard night I decided to check the off campus housing page on facebook and literally, THE FIRST POST on that page was someone looking for a couple to sublease their TVA apartment. I cried I was so happy and Anthony called them right away (even though it was 10:30 pm). Everything worked out beautifully with them and we are now very happily living in TVA. At least until April 18. Such a wonderful blessing and we are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for being so mindful of our little lives over here in Hawaii. We are hoping to permanently get into TVA in April though, since a lot of people are graduating and leaving then. Crossing our fingers for that one:)

Other than moving and going to school we have been having fun! I am having fun experimenting in the kitchen and making dinners for the two of us. And treats, lots of treats over here! Anthony has been having a blast in his music classes and starting up a small bike business with his buddy. We are both loving it here and have finally been able to relax a little with knowing we won’t have to move for a few months! Unfortunately we haven’t been able to go to the beach much with school consuming our days and the weather not being super awesome. We know we will have p-l-e-n-t-y of time to play at the beach so it doesn’t bother us too much:)

I do have some pictures to share, actually, lots of pictures to share.

My favorite- Anthony telling me he will wait up for me and I walk in to see this:


This is what we had for dinner last night. Anthony said it was so good he wanted me to make another one today haha
I have gotten bad at taking pictures and I am planning on changing that. Promise.
For now though I need to go do laundry, finish some homework, and go to the gym. Really eventful Wednesday night, I know.
Anthony and I love you all!
Hopefully we see some of you in Hawaii soon:)

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