world’s worst blogger….

That’s me.

I swear I will get better.

Since being back in Hawaii not a lot has happened. Anthony and I have been insanely busy with work (me with school too) and we are always trying to find little slots of time where we can see each other. I hate that part about working and being in school. I feel like we hardly see each other anymore! So, after being married almost a year, we have finally established a date night that stays the same every week. I love that it always gives me something to look forward too during the week! Dating your husband is THE B.E.S.T. I highly recommend it.

Even though we don’t have a lot
of extra time in our week, we did manage to socialize last weekend! We did our date night with another couple and went over to their house for dinner and had so much fun! We celebrated some kind of western cowboy appreciation day (I can’t remember the complete, official name) by eating a “cowboy” meal and peach cobbler and watching an old western movie. There was a lot of cowboy talk over dinner that I didn’t entirely understand but it was really fun seeing Anthony so enthusiastic about it all:) I’m starting to get a very good picture of what our future looks like!! 😉
Also, Anthony has been giving me horseback riding lessons and I love it! I always wanted horseback lessons and I’m so glad I never paid for them because now I get as many as I want, for free!! It’s awesome (even though I got really upset last time when my favorite horse wasn’t available). I have gotten 1,000 times more comfortable on a horse and I totally love everything about it (which I didn’t before, I was always nervous). Perks of having a wrangler as a husband, I guess!
Anyway, there really isn’t a lot going on over here. Our one year anniversary is coming up on the 17th though and I still can’t believe it’s been a whole year!! Crazy how much has changed (for the good) and how much we have grown! This has been such a crazy year! I will post more on that later this month…
I promise to try and get better at blogging every week!
My new best friend, Dante. (Did I mention he is one of the biggest horses they have??? I love it!)




Oh, and I came home from my trip only to find that Anthony had bought me some new cowboy boots! (I think he was trying to tell me something…but look how cute that stitching is! How could I resist???)



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