Finals, Family, and Idaho.

Lots of things happening in our lives over the next couple of weeks. Well, not lots of things, mostly just one really big thing……..

Anthony and I have made a final decision to pack up our lives here in Hawaii and head up to Idaho!
Oh, and we leave next Saturday.
I know, I know. I swear we aren’t crazy. It’s been on the radar for months now, and after some serious prayers and research we know this move is right.
Anthony has been working on a local ranch here in Hawaii and has completely fallen in love with the work he does there. Most days he doesn’t even consider it work. This makes for one happy husband and an even happier wife! Anyway, one of the other guys who works on the ranch (the one who actually got Anthony the job) attended BYU Idaho and received an Animal Science degree from there. You probably see where this is going…to make a long story short, this job has been an answer to many prayers and has helped Anthony get a much better idea of what he wants to do with his life. So, off to Idaho we go! I will finish my degree in education and he will start/finish his in animal science! We are really excited for this new adventure 🙂 It will be an incredibly crazy next couple of weeks….but mostly just right now as I try to finish my finals and pack/sell our belongings. Once we get to San Diego we will be staying with Anthony’s family until we head to Idaho! It will be so weird not seeing my parents when we are there, but I will get to see my two little besties (Easton and Jude)! I’m excited to spend some time with my sister and her boys:) Anthony is excited he will finally get to meet Jude too, after only seeing the numerous photos I am always shoving in his face… Ha! I’m a bit obsessed….

It’s funny how all it takes is your family to be spread all over the place for you to really miss them. I mean, I always missed them when I was away, but it’s different now. We are all older and actually all enjoy each others company…weird how that works out 😉 My siblings are some of my best friends, actually. I am so glad that my parents had enough faith to have a “big” family. I don’t feel like we are that big of a family…but 7 kids is actually a lot. haha. Today I’m praying for some good news for Hayley. No answers from any doctors yet, so maybe today will come with some. I’m not one to usually talk about personal family matters, but it’s hard to think of anything else when one of your best friends is so sick. I’m actually very eager to get to the mainland and get on the road. The twins have been taking good care of Hayley, but I’m anxious to get there and help too.

On a brighter note, like I said above, we have been pretty busy trying to move and sell some of our belongings here in Hawaii. I am also trying to figure out how to fit finals into all this packing….just kidding, it’s totally the other way around. I haven’t packed a single thing! AH! I’m glad I have become best friends with my suitcases over the last year, but I honestly can’t wait to break up for a bit. I just keep telling myself that I will get everything packed, simply because I have no other option. Luckily, next week will be less work and class which leaves more time to pack and sell. Anyway, it’s really nothing to complain about. We are healthy, happy, and ready for this next adventure in life. It will be really sad to leave our friends here on the island, but we cannot wait to see our friends in Idaho in a few weeks! Oh, and I am excited for Fall. I kind of miss the seasons!

Sorry for this really random, bouncing around, ADD post. I know a lot of people have been wondering why we are selling our lives on Facebook so I thought I better let whoever reads this blog know.

Love you guys!

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