Good old Rexburg.

We’ve been here for about a week now and are really enjoying this little Idaho town! It’s been a big change from Hawaii, but in a good way! I mean, milk is under $2 a gallon. Please and thank you. We have had a lot of fun with some of our married friends who were already up here. It’s nice to move somewhere and already have friends! It’s awesome that we all live in the same complex too… I think we are really going to enjoy the next 3-4 years we have here:)
Anthony and I are still looking for jobs, mostly me. He will be doing the potato harvest for two weeks at the end of the month and already has a job lined up for after that. I found out some good news from one place I applied to, but I won’t know great news for a few more days! Crossing my fingers and praying I get the job. I have been reminded how much I like to have a job since I have nothing to do all day everyday. And it’s always nice to have some money… Other than the job hunt we haven’t been up to much. I got really sick over the weekend and I’m still fighting whatever this is. Lets just say the BRAT diet is my best friend right now.
On a side note, we saw these puppies on Saturday that totally stole my heart. We are in the process of finding out if we can have one here:) probably not, but a girl can dream! I think Anthony fell more in love with those pups then I did! I just keep telling myself that one day we can have lots of puppies on our ranch:)
We are so excited about where we are now and the next few years we have here in Rexburg. It’s a totally new experience here with a husband and I love it! I am so grateful to have a man in my life that loves me unconditionally. He is constantly an example to me of putting our Savior first and following in faith. I admire that about him. I’ve really loved having some extra down time to spend with Anthony these last two weeks! That is something I always miss when we are both working.
Well, I should probably get to bed so this sick body can get better quickly. Sorry for such a boring post… I only have two photos for now, I will post some of the apartment later.
Gotta love sunsets!


And puppies:)



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