Photo Overload

I finally have something fun to blog about! Yesterday we went to a place called Bear World. Its like a reserve where they have all kinds of animals, but of course the most exciting animals were the bears! I have wanted to go to Bear World since I was up here as a freshman in 2010. It’s normally about $16 a person but yesterday we got to go for the low price of $8.50 each. We crammed in a car with two other couples (Tiffany, Brent, Nick, and Laura) and drove through the park. I took pictures (they will be included in this post) and had a lot of fun playing with my camera, seeing some “wild” animals, and hanging out with our friends. The husbands were so excited about the bears I thought some of them might wet their pants. hahaha. Boys. Anyway, it was a pretty cool experience since I would prefer to be in a car next to bears rather than in a tent next to bears….

Ok, here are the pictures:

 A White Elk (made me think of Christmas…ha!)
 Some Buffalo


 There were two wolves in this picture, but you can only really see one.
 aaaaaand the bears!





 These are the “babies” you can feed if you pay a lot extra.






 Then we went and catapulted some potatoes because, well, we are in Idaho!


The bears were extra chubby because they are going into hibernation next week. It was pretty cool being so close to these bears and watching them wander around and interact with each other. There were two grizzly bears too, but I couldn’t get a picture of them because they were sleeping and blending in with the grass. They looked scary asleep, so that was good enough for me!

I was looking through my camera and realized I had a bunch of pictures from when we were in San Diego before moving up here. I thought I would share a few of my favorite pictures from that trip:)


Molly the Cow


 Our unplanned trip to the beach with Maren and the boys. (Easton getting ready to splash Uncle Amfy)
 “Come in with me!”
 Sand, mmmmm mmmmm!

Sorry for the long post:) I am excited for the next couple of weeks and the adventures that are coming our way (new jobs, school, Utah trips, etc). We will be in Utah next weekend with my family so I am sure I will have more pictures and stories to share!

Love you all!! I will be back soon 😉

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