Thanksgiving ’13

This year for Thanksgiving we spent a few days in Salt Lake City with my sisters. Maren found a great house (I kind of loved it) that we could all stay in for the week. It was a ton of fun staying together and seeing everyone. We missed Mom, Dad, Reid, and Malinda though! Anthony and I drove down from Rexburg on Tuesday after I got off work and had a late birthday dinner for Anthony with our friends Brad and Autumn at The Cheesecake Factory. It was so good to see our Hawaii friends! They moved to Utah last spring and we hadn’t seen them since then. We had a really good time laughing and catching up with each other for a few hours!

Wednesday we woke up and played with Easton and Jude (so much fun to see them all day, every day) before we all got ready to go to the “This is the Place” monument/park. I hadn’t been there in years, so it was fun to go back and actually read some of the educational stuff this time! After we were done there we went back to the house and just hung out for the rest of the afternoon. The twins came up after work and we all went out to Mexican food in honor of our parents. Besides the fact that there was some sketchy “Gentleman’s Club” next door to the restaurant, it was actually really good food and we all ate til we were sick! We then spent the evening prepping for our Thanksgiving feast back at the house. It was so fun that Easton snuck out of bed 3 times because he didn’t want to miss the party!

Thursday was Thanksgiving so we woke up and did some last minute meal prepping while we started cooking. We obviously had to do some kind of physical activity since we were going to stuff our faces that afternoon, so Hayley picked a hike that everyone could do. It was such a pretty hike, and I got to carry Jude in the front pack. Even though I was huffing and puffing, it was so cute to hear his little snores. The best part of the hike was trying to keep Easton from falling off the side of the mountain…..kid needs some work on his brakes! I love him though, he kept us laughing the whole trip. Also, he informed Bryan and I, on the hike, that he wants to be a tree when he grows up….. hmmm. Anthony and I watched Rio with Easton after dinner and we couldn’t stop laughing at how funny he thought the movie was. He was laughing to the point of tears and then terrified to where he would cover his eyes (when the mean white bird would come on..for anyone that’s seen it). He was more entertainment than the movie.

Friday was our last full day together. Everyone had a few things to do in the morning, so Anthony and I went out to breakfast with his sister and brother (they were so kindly watching Gemma for us).ย  After breakfast we hung out for a bit before going back to the house. We spent the afternoon playing with Easton and Jude (there is a pattern going on) before we all went out to see the lights at Temple Square (minus the twins, we missed them!). Temple Square was SO pretty and I even ran into a classmate from Hawaii who is serving her mission there! It was awesome. I was really sad Friday night because we were all going our separate ways in the morning, so it was nice to spend the night wandering around Temple Square together.

Saturday Maren and Bryan left and Easton almost made me cry saying goodbye. He has a habit of hitting my soft spot, as does Jude (and he can’t even talk yet!). Anthony and I spent the night in Provo with his Aunt. I was driving home solo the next day so we went to bed pretty early. The next day, we picked up Gemma, I dropped Anthony off for his work trip, and I started the journey back to Rexburg. The drive isn’t too bad, just kind of boring by yourself. I’m glad Gemma can’t talk or she probably would have told me to stop singing multiple times. I hate how empty the house is without Anthony. It’s a good thing I have Gemma though. She is good company and spends most of her time sleeping with her head in my lap. Last night it snowed A TON so we had fun going out and playing in it today. She loves the snow. It’s pretty funny to watch her jump around and stick her head in it.

Anyway, this was a boring post. Probably way too detailed and I’m pretty sure no one but my mom reads this. I love you mom!

Oh, and here are some pictures:









Anthony and I also took some family photos for a Christmas card while we were in Utah, but I can’t post those because we haven’t decided which one we like…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is enjoying this Christmas season!

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