Well, it’s been a while. Again.

Currently we are in Arizona getting ready to head down to Louisiana and I’m getting super excited for the move, even if it’s only temporary!
Arizona has been so great. So warm and sunny! We spent all day Saturday at the pool and I was kind of in heaven with all that Vitamin D! Today was a little warm (93 degrees to be exact) which kind of made me feel like I was melting. But other than that, I l-o-v-e all the sunshine. Also, Anthony has an amazing farmers tan…and by amazing I mean it looks like he constantly has a white v neck on! Hahahaha he might kill me for telling the whole world that.
This weekend we are headed to San Diego to see my family (what’s left in sd) and his parents. I have already planned a trip to VG’s and dog beach (the first being an absolute necessity). It will be so nice to see our favorite city (and some of our favorite people) for a few days!
Anthony has been busy working, working, working! I’ve been enjoying helping him here and there and spending lots of time outside. Gemma loves it here with her two boyfriends (dobermans, Cash and Ramsey) and I love that she is wiped out every night from her continuos play date. We had to take her to the vet last week because she completely stopped eating (not even close to normal for a lab) and found out she weighs 72 lbs. 72. And she’s 9 months old. They told us she is most likely going to be a very big girl. From all the research I have done, female labs usually max out around 70 lbs, all labs reach full grown height by 1 year and fill out completely by 2. So, in other words, she will probably be well into the 80-90 range in weight. Possibly more. Just more to love, right?
Anyway, you probably don’t want to hear about our dog, haha. I was just shocked at that information.
I am planning on taking a TON of pictures this summer so I will try to keep my blog/Facebook/Instagram updated with some of them. It’s going to be quite the adventure and I couldn’t be more excited!
Until next time!

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