We are finally here!!

It’s only been a week since we got here but I feel like it’s been a month. It’s been so fun getting to know a new place and meet new people!
This last week I have been helping my friend Sarah (she works for Point) set up the office down here. We have spent just about everyday running errands to get everything the office needs. Surprisingly, it’s been incredibly entertaining to run these errands. I feel like we spend most of the time laughing, which makes 2 hour trips to walmart worth it.
Yesterday we had to go to walmart to get a tv for the office. This was a seemingly easy task that we accomplished fairly quickly, but we had some other shopping to do as well. The nice guy who helped us told us to let him know when we were checking out so he could bring the tv out to our car. When we had finished our other shopping Sarah went to check out and I went to get the guy/tv. I definitely had the easier task, right? Ok, well I ended up having to wait probably 20 min because some lady was freaking out about getting cribs by Sunday and they were apparently out of stock. So she finishes her little rant and he tells her sorry and says he needs to help me. At this point Sarah has texted me and told me she’s waiting by the car since I had the keys. Here’s where it gets really awesome. So I am walking out of walmart chatting with the nice man pulling our tv for us, we turn down the aisle where I thought I parked and MY CAR IS NOT THERE. I immediately kind of freak out inside because I could have sworn I parked in that aisle. Now I’m standing in the middle of the parking lot, with a walmart employee and a tv, and absolutely no clue where I parked. Embarrassing. We start wandering through the parking lot when I finally admit to the poor guy that I can’t remember where I parked! Ha! He obviously doesn’t know what to do and just wants to get this job done. I started calling Sarah only to go straight to voicemail (her phone had died and I didn’t see the text from her telling me so) when another walmart employee walks up to us and the guy helping me goes “She can’t remember where she parked.” Hahahaha! The new guy turns to me and says (while laughing) “you can’t remember where you parked?!?!” I’m laughing now, but still incredibly embarrassed. I tell the new guy what color my car is and he starts walking with us to find it. Finally, I see it and get super excited that the awkward/embarrassing parking lot journey is over. I then walked up to Sarah laughing and tell her what happened while opening the trunk for the tv. The two very nice guys put the tv in for us and then one of them exclaims “Someone’s got themselves a white poodle!” (because of all of Gemma’s hair in the trunk) and laughs hysterically as we say thank you and they walk away. Literally some of the most embarrassing 10 minutes of my life.
Needless to say, Sarah and I got in the car and started cracking up. Not only did those guys think I was an idiot, they also thought I owned a freaking poodle!
Then, last night I was on the phone with my parents and we started talking about all the critters that live here. They proceeded to tell me how baby alligators and snakes sometimes find their way into people’s toilets through the pipping and how I should always check myself for ticks. I mean, I knew about ticks and I had heard about surprises in the toilet, but they seriously freaked me out. After getting off the phone with them I went to help Sarah move the tv out of my car and brought up how my parents officially freaked me out. We then proceeded to spend 40 min talking about, drawing diagrams of, and googling ticks. Such a terrible idea. I went straight home, checked Gemma, my bed, and myself for ticks. And then I checked my toilet.
It’s been a great first week though and I’m pretty excited to explore this beautiful state all summer!! I need to take more pictures to show just how beautiful it is here.
That’s all for today.
Love you all,

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