Dang I’m bad at this.

I really am not good at keeping this blog updated.  It’s a good thing no one really reads this anyway 😉

We are still in Louisiana and I’m still thoroughly enjoying  it! We got another puppy (I know, everyone thinks we are insane) and she’s a golden retriever. We changed her name everyday during the first week we had her because we didn’t really love any name we came up with! (I know, I know, it’s a dog) It was one of our friends that suggested the name Rue and instantly we agreed that was the perfect name. Gemma and Rue have become the best of friends. It’s great because they totally play with each other and keep each other company so I can get things done and don’t feel guilty about leaving Gemma all alone.

Also, we didn’t have to house train Gemma (some kind of miracle dog…) and it sucks so incredibly bad. Seriously, it’s not fun.  But she’s so cute you can’t  help but to forgive her.

Nothing really exciting has been happening. Anthony works all day every day (except Sunday) and I hang out with our dogs or run errands. It’s been a nice little summer off from school but I’m ready to get going again in a few weeks!

I do have one funny story for this blog post….and of course it has to do with some kind of wild animal.

The other night while I was outside with the dogs, I noticed they were really focused on something across the field by the fence…Gemma was over there pawing at something and cautiously sniffing the mystery critter. It wasn’t long before Rue noticed that Gemma had found something interesting and made her way over. At this point I assumed it was a frog or toad since they were always in the grass at night. I got a little worried that Gemma hadn’t tried to pick it up since she usually didn’t hesitate long before doing so with a frog/toad. My first thought was “oh no, she’s found a snake” but quickly dismissed that thought since she hadn’t been bitten yet. Haha. (Also, I wasn’t about to walk over there and find out what it was.) During this little mental debate, I was watching both dogs get super excited everytime the mystery animal moved. Rue had started jumping around trying to catch it and before I could even blink, she had snatched the  thing up and was booking it towards me…I, not knowing what it was (but I could hear something squeaking at this point) took off running for higher ground. I was not about to let her drop whatever she had in her mouth at my feet. Nope. Not happening. I ran up a few steps of the first staircase I came to and watched as Rue and Gemma ran right past me towards the next staircase where our apartment is. I could clearly hear squeaking now and was a little worried Anthony would hear them and let them in with their “prize”. I knew it had to be some sort of rodent from the squeaking. What felt like minutes went by (probably not even 30 seconds) before both dogs and our neighbors dog came barreling down the stairs. I didn’t see anything in any of their mouths and couldn’t hear squeaking anymore so I figured it was safe to go back down.  I had no idea what Rue had done with the rodent, nor did I care as long as it wasn’t in our apartment….  (I was about to find out that it definitely wasn’t in our apartment!) a couple of minutes went by before our neighbor came down the stairs with a Tupperware in her hands.  I was a little horrified to find out that she had heard the squeaking and thought it was her dog needing to go out to the bathroom, but when she opened her door, Rue came rushing in and dropped a mouse in her apartment!!!  Hahaha so disgusting.  Oops!  The thing was so scared (and probably injured) it didn’t even try to run, which made for an easy catch. We laughed about the whole thing for a good amount of time before heading back inside.

I don’t know why I am such a wimp when it comes to rodents/critters/etc…but it’s going to take more than a summer in the south to cure that wimpiness!

I don’t have any new pictures to share but there are a bunch on my Facebook if you want to creep:)
I hope everyone has had a nice, safe, relaxing summer!
P.S. Let’s just be honest here…I probably won’t post again until after our anniversary on the 17th.

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