Evergreen Plantation

I was told I need to be better about blogging. So, here I am.

Last Friday we went on a plantation tour with some of our friends. I have wanted to do one of these tours since we got here so I was pretty excited to finally go.

Growing up my parents always took us on these educational tours and I remember not paying much attention after a certain point. I always felt like they talked soooo much and I didn’t know how my parents paid attention the whole time. I usually ended up harassing my younger sisters instead of listening…I was kind of a brat. hahaha. Anyway, after this tour on Friday, I totally understand how my parents loved all those tours back in the day. It’s fascinating to learn about history (even if parts of it are quite horrific and/or heartbreaking) and I’ve always loved history classes, but going to historical sites is always a whole new level of learning.

The Evergreen Plantation is actually a registered historical site and the woman who owns it still uses the grounds for “entertaining” (apparently shes a super wealthy oil heiress and has lots of rich friends to entertain/impress). She is also 90 years old. Sheesh. They also still grow sugar cane in the fields, which I thought was pretty cool. We seriously learned so much that I can’t even write it all down on this blog or you will be reading for days. You will just have to go on a tour sometime and learn it all for yourself!

I will post some pictures on here, but all the rest are on my Facebook if you want to look through all 70+ photos there ๐Ÿ™‚










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