Christmas recap

I obviously failed at blogging every single night we were in Mexico. Oops.

The trip was fantastic and I find myself missing it every single day. I feel like a part of me was left in Mexico City (besides my parents, of course) and I can’t wait to go back. The first three days we were there we hung out in the city exploring. The last day in the city we got to see the castle in Chapultepec park (it’s like Mexico city’s Central Park, but with a castle in the middle of it) and we rode a little paddle boat around the lake. We then headed out of the city and went through these mountains that literally smelled like Christmas. There were pine trees everywhere. It was amazing! Definitely not what I think of when I think about Mexico…. We then ate at Costco (I swear it’s better in Mexico) and then kept going to my parents house. The neighborhood they live in is incredibly safe (at least it feels that way) and pretty clean. We got up the next day and it was Christmas Eve so we spent the day relaxing. On Christmas we all slept in and then spent the day relaxing again and enjoying our time together. We didn’t do gifts this year, and to be honest, I didn’t miss it one bit. It was so nice getting to be with family and focusing on what Christmas is really about that I didn’t miss all the gifts and new things at all. My mom made her delicious cinnamon rolls and an amazing Christmas dinner and we were incredibly fat and happy all day!
The next day we went to Puebla. I absolutely fell in love with that town. We spent the day looking at beautiful hand painted pottery and other little gems and topped the adventure off with delicious (but SPICY) tacos. I hope we get to go back next time we go down there because I couldn’t get enough of the colorful buildings, cobblestone roads, and sweet people. If you’re ever in Mexico City, make sure to take the drive to Puebla. You will not be disappointed.
The weekend was spent hanging out some more (while dad worked, some things don’t change I guess) since Harper and Blair had to leave Monday. Sunday we went to church in a little town right by the volcano. That volcano by the way, is huge. Monday my parents took H and B to the airport and Anthony and I stayed home. I laid by the pool and Anthony kept asking if I was bored yet from laying out. Clearly he doesn’t know me well enough ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tuesday was spent at home with my mom while my dad went to work. Wednesday was a dream come true for Anthony because we went to Teotihuacan (Aztec ruins). He was so excited. It was amazing to be able to climb one of the pyramids. It’s hard to imagine people building those things without the modern day tools we enjoy today.
Thursday we flew home and Anthony had to practically drag me onto the plane….ย It was so fun to spend some time with my parents. They truly love the people of Mexico and the missionaries who have been sent to them. This was definitely a special Christmas I will never forget.ย 
















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