Safari Park

Every Monday and Thursday I get the privilege of babysitting for my sister while she goes to work, which means I get to do some pretty fun things with the boys! Since it is summer, Easton isn’t in school so it’s been fun having them both all day…even when it’s also very tiring because two boys together is pretty much non. stop. action.

Today I took them to the San Diego Safari Park because I finally got my (very) expired zoo pass renewed. I absolutely love the zoo and safari park so I am pretty much ALWAYS up to go. I love that I have two little nuggets close by that love to go almost as much as I do.

Also, I finally broke out my fancy camera and tried to get some photos of the day. You’re welcome.

Oh, and another note: I told you it’s nonstop action with these two, so naturally they RAN through most of the park…and for those of you that have been to the safari park, you know its quite big and full of hills. Keeping up with them was a challenge sometimes!



It is really hard to get a clear picture of the two monkeys I brought with me.
Again….hard subject to get in focus. The lions in the back on the rock stayed still though 😉
This kid. He LOVES the camera!! Constantly saying “more, more” and posing/smiling when the camera is out. haha (*update: I didn’t realize Easton was picking his nose in this picture until I posted it. It’s such a cute pic of Jude though…)





Easton would not talk to me the whole tram ride. He didn’t want his animal watching to be interrupted.


Like I said, this one is really camera shy…



Obligatory Safari (Wild Animal) Park photo.


I also got to go with Maren to Easton’s swim lessons after she got home. Which meant more time to practice my photography on my favorite little subjects…and watch Easton pretend he’s a fish.






When I asked for a picture, this is what I got.

It’s funny how two little kids can make you so baby hungry one minute, and 30 seconds later have you saying “yeah, maybe not quite yet…….” hahahaha! I love them to pieces though and am grateful to have been around for so many fun memories!

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