Coconut Crazy

I know a lot of people that use and love coconut oil in their everyday lives. I was a little late to the game and became obsessed just over a year ago after doing some research of my own. Now you can always find containers of the stuff in different places around our house! It’s seriously addicting and SO good for you. I literally use it in recipes all the time (that’s a post for another day!) as well as topically and even for our dogs!! So. Many. Uses.
Here are just a few of my favorite uses:

– all over moisturizer: Some days my skin literally feels thirsty and on those days I get an extra dose of oil all over! On normal days I do it every other day or as needed. It’s great to give your skin a little extra moisture. If anything, it’s awesome for just your face at night before bed. Every other night works for me and keeps my skin moisturized and fresh. (Remember, a little bit goes a L-O-N-G way with any oil!)

-hair: whenever my hair feels a little more dry than usual, I will add some coconut oil to the ends either over night if I’m showering the next day, or a few hours prior to showering. I use it a lot when I postpone getting my haircut and it makes my ends so soft!

-teeth whitener/oil pulling: coconut oil is an amazing teeth whitener and is also known to kill germs in your gums/mouth. I swish about a teaspoon, sometimes a little more, in my mouth for twenty minutes every night while I shower and get ready for bed. I seriously noticed a difference after one week.

-for pets: we have two dogs, a golden retriever and labrador retriever. Both shed a lot and at one point I became desperate to not have so much hair everywhere. Well in my coconut oil research I found probably 100 uses just for pets! And guess what?! One was for shedding 👍🏼! It’s really good for their coat and skin as well as overall health. I give both dogs about two tablespoons every other day or everyday if I remember.

Again, there are so many uses for this stuff, it would take forever to write about every single one. But those are my favorite ways to use it, what are yours???

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