Rain, Rain, you can stay!

It hardly rains here in San Diego, but today it was dumping rain on and off! I love the rain, not only because we need the rain desperately, but because it also makes me want to stay in and be cozy on the couch with my husband and our pups allllll day! I’m not sure why, but I always love when it rains here and it makes me never want to leave. One thing I’ve always wanted, even though it really doesn’t rain enough here, was a pair of Hunter rain boots. I could never justify paying $125 for them and hardly ever wearing them though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ lucky for me we have known we were moving to Utah for awhile, so when I found out that Nordstrom was price matching the Costco price for Hunter boots I jumped on the opportunity!! I ended up getting them for $79 which is a major steal and it’s totally justified since I will be wearing them ALLLLLL the time! I seriously love them so much, but who doesn’t?!

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