“Have courage and be kind”

I love Disney just as much as anyone else, but sometimes I think people get really carried away and cheesy about some of the movies. When Cinderella first came out I remember being annoyed at how many people were quoting the “have courage and be kind” line. Yeah it was cute and catchy, but it got old…fast.

So, I was really surprised the other day when my husband and I were watching Cinderella for the second time and this same over used, cheesy line actually got to me in a way it hadn’t the first time. For some reason it has been stuck in my head ALL week and I can’t stop thinking about what it really means to “have courage and be kind”. My husband and I had a (short but good) little chat about it today over lunch and that only made me think about it more.

So what does it really mean to “have courage and be kind”?
Well, in my personal opinion, it can have quite a few different interpretations. The biggest thing that I think about is that we should always be courageous in everything we do, but never compromise or lose our kindness. We can stand up for ourselves and what we believe while still being kind and loving to those who may not agree. Courage goes a long way, but so does kindness.

In one week this has easily become one of my favorite quotes and I really love what it means to me. It’s funny how we can hear or read the same things over and over and they don’t always hit us the same or mean the same every time.

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