I usually hate sharing quotes because I think they are cheesy 99% of the time instead of inspiring…but I saw this one and I have to share because its short and simple (and I like short and simple)!

This pretty sums up my thought process every single day. I have really committed to losing weight and getting in shape and it can be really hard sometimes when you don’t see results as quickly as you wish you would…. I have a bad habit of getting frustrated after one week of working out and eating clean because I feel like it’s been a month already and there is nothing to show for it. I have to remind myself that A) it has been ONE WEEK, and B) it takes a lot more TIME and PATIENCE. So I kind of love this picture and I think I will make it my screensaver on my phone so I can be constantly be reminded to chill out and have patience.
So there is my random little motivational post for this lovely Tuesday evening.
Now off to work on that patience while I run on the treadmill….


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