When you need a little extra fiber….

Try these.

This recipe has become one of my favorites. I found it while searching for easy and healthy meals I could make during the week because one of the biggest struggles for me while working full time has been finding time to fit everything in, including meals that we could take for lunch or eat for dinner. But not just any meals. They had to be easy and healthy…which I always thought was a non existent combination. Well, turns out it’s not impossible and there are some really good options out there!

When I first went to make this particular recipe I was a little skeptical….but I gave it a try and it obviously tasted great or else I wouldn’t be sharing it here! The actual recipe is vegetarian but you can add chicken and its still just as tasty!! We have had it both ways and love it either way. (Although, I do think Anthony prefers the chicken version because he’s a man and has to have his meat…)
I highly recommend these to everyone and I will be surprised if you try them and don’t like them. That’s how good they are….and bonus: I am usually good to go after eating three because they are filling (and good for you!!) so there are always leftovers.
Oh and before I forget, DON’T FORGET TO MAKE THE SAUCE TOO!!! It’s a greek yogurt/avocado/lime dream combo. Seriously. It is so good.

Please go try these and tell me what you think…..I need to know if you guys get as obsessed as I am…

Photo from I Heart Naptime

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