Senior Photos – Hayden (part 1)

It was our year to spend Thanksgiving with the Ellsworth side, and they were the best for making the trek up to Utah to spend it with us. It was a lot of fun having everyone in one place for few days! My parents were also in town so I got to see a little bit of them as well. I just wish everyone would move to Utah..but that is definitely wishful thinking! Anyway, on Friday we went up to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square and we forced Anthony’s little brother to wear a sweater for some senior photos. Let me start by saying that this kid LIVES in flannel, jeans, and boots. Not sweaters from Gap…which is what we made him wear – and they turned out so good. Can I even say that about my own photos? Oh well, just see for yourself:

(Also, they are all in B&W because I love B&W portraits)






I will be taking more of him in his element around Christmas time (aka the woods/wilderness/anywhere he can shoot a gun) so there will be a senior photo session part 2.
Oh, and I suppose I can make sure to include some color photos too..

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