Anthony’s Birthday in D.C.

Most people already know that we are temporarily in Washington D.C. for Anthony’s work – and most people have stopped trying to keep up since we are always all over the place. I don’t blame them at all 😉

Since Anthony’s birthday fell on Saturday this year and since he has never been to Washington D.C. we decided that it would be fun to do a little exploring and see some of the sites he has always wanted to see. We didn’t end up heading downtown until later in the afternoon, so we were there at sunset and let me tell you…it was beautifulthat night (and I didn’t get a single photo of it)!! We had so much fun seeing the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, The White House, and the National Archives. There is so much more to see so we are definitely planning on spending a couple more Saturdays enjoying what D.C. has to offer! I, of course, took some photos of our evening so if that’s all you came for, look no further.













And this is the only photo we got of The White House…a good old iPhone pic.


Also here are some bonus photos of my failed attempt to be cute throwing leaves:

We have really fallen in love with this city and will be so sad when it’s time to go – but for now, we’ll just enjoy the time we have here!



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