Montana Moments

Once again, it has been awhile since I have posted on here, so here’s a little life update: Ever since we moved to Georgia in February, things have been crazy and awesome all at the same time. About a month and a half after “settling in” here (we didn’t get all our stuff from Utah until May so we were as settled as settled could be without much furniture hahah) we found out that I was pregnant!! It was a total surprise, but also the best news we have ever received. We had been waiting years, with lots of unanswered questions, for that moment so we were pretty incredibly excited (and again, surprised!!) to finally see that positive test. I was the sickest I have ever been for 18 weeks before I finally started to feel better – but I am 25 weeks now and feeling great. It has finally sunk in that we are having a BABY and she will be here in just a few short months! I’ve recorded all the personal details in my private journal and I think I’ll leave them there for now, but we are so excited to meet this baby girl in November.

Long before we knew I was pregnant, my family had been planning a reunion in Montana for the summer, and we were so lucky to be able to take the trip out there before I could no longer fly. I will say though, traveling while pregnant is a whole new ballgame!! On a 4 hour flight, I probably peed 6-7 times, as well as twice RIGHT before boarding and once after we landed hahaha. The struggle was real. Even the lady I switched seats with on the plane (so I could have the aisle) leaned over to Anthony at one point and said “I am glad I switched seats!” I was also hungry. All. The. Time. and was not prepared in the snack department. Whoops.

Anyway, we flew in to Salt Lake City, spent one day there trying to see as many people as possible (which we failed at, too little time and way too many people we love in one place!) and then got in a car the next day and drove 8 hours to Great Falls. There were 3 cars of Crickmore’s so it made for quite the caravanning experience. On Sunday we got to see baby Ford’s blessing and then jumped back in the car and drove 4 more hours down to Big Sky where my parents rented a beautiful cabin right outside of Big Sky Resort. We spent the rest of the week hiking, exploring Yellowstone, horseback riding, river floating, and having lots of family time under one roof 🙂 The week didn’t go by without its fair share of hiccups, but it was still SO fun to all be together in such a beautiful place. Anthony has been telling me for so long that he wants to live in Montana one day and after this trip, I want to too!

I kind of sucked at taking pictures all week…I got some of our hike, Yellowstone, and Ford’s blessing, but I didn’t go horseback riding and didn’t want to take my camera on the river…but Anthony did a good job of picking up my slack and getting some pics on his phone of the river and horseback riding.

Overall, it was a great week spending time with everyone without much technology up in the mountains. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I think I cried on and off for 3 days because I wanted to go back hahaha. Pregnancy hormones.

and now, for photo overload:

A few from Ford’s baby blessing:






Some from our hike Monday – somehow half the family managed to avoid my camera…hmmm.









These are the only pics I have from Yellowstone. We literally spent half the day searching for just ONE dang bison, so here’s the proof that we actually found some:




This was actually the first bison of the day 😉
Reid, Anthony, & Malinda trying to get a closer look

Last but not least, these lovely iPhone photos are the only two I have from our rafting day. It was so fun, even if our thighs did get burned (Anthony’s may or may not still be burned…and its been a week. Whoops)

Ford had a blowout mid float…and pretty much every take of this photo had Blair’s booty. You’re welcome.


And now I am missing Montana again 😦

Also, I am very impressed if you made it through this whole post.

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