We made it to Silver Lake!

I am finally getting these photos up from when we camped and did the whole Silver Lake hike last month. I know, took me long enough!

The last time we went to do the Silver Lake hike, we didn’t plan very well and ended up not going very far (we thought we went halfway…wrong) before heading back to the car. So we planned this little camping trip with our same friends in order to do the whole hike. Friday we hurried home from work to pack and get up American Fork canyon before the sun set so we could get all settled in for the night. Once we found a good spot, the boys set up camp while the girls got the fire and dinner started. We didn’t go to a “traditional” campground since most of them are booked in advance. Instead, in certain areas, they have designated camping areas with fire pits spread out along a mountain and it’s more of a first come first serve deal. But you aren’t all right next to each other which is nice. It was so peaceful and relaxing, until about 10 pm when a bunch of college kids (I know I sound like an old lady) came up the road and decided to camp right next to us with their music blasting…. (insert eye-roll emoji)

Besides our loud neighbors, it was a pretty good spot to camp. Next time we will be bringing better pads, maybe even cots though. It’s been so long since I camped, I forgot how hard the ground is when you are trying to sleep!! Anthony had his hammock…which he set up and got all ready, but ended up not even sleeping in. Lets just say, our camping spot didn’t have very good trees to hang a hammock on. He chose one solid tree and one….not so solid tree. Within twenty minutes of getting in his hammock, his back was on the ground. Now, I normally would have laughed at this, but at the time it was not funny because he came in the tent and woke me up after I had just fallen asleep (he ended up trying the hammock for a second time later in the night, only to end up in the tent again). It’s hilarious now, but that’s because it’s been awhile…

We woke up pretty early the next day and packed everything up before heading out on our hike. It turned out to be a warm day but it wasn’t terrible since we were up on a mountain. The hike was definitely harder than I thought it was going to be, but in the moment I was too distracted by how beautiful it was to think about anything else. It’s only 4 something miles round trip, but it is pretty steep the whole way there. I am not sure there is anything better than working up a good sweat while enjoying the great outdoors though! As for the lake, I can’t even explain how beautiful it was, so I will let my pictures speak for themselves!!















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Silver Lake

If you haven’t been up any of the canyons in Utah, then you are missing out. They are incredibly beautiful in the summer time (winter too, but hiking in snow is not really my thing…pretty much anything in snow isn’t my thing). After this hike we did, I completely understand why people love summer and hiking here.

Yesterday we hiked the Silver Lake trail, up American Fork Canyon, with some of our favorite people. We didn’t hike the whole thing since it was 4.5 miles one way and we unfortunately weren’t prepared with enough water. So we went a little over half way and it was beautiful! Our original plan was to hike the Tibble Fork Reservoir loop (which was supposed to be fairly moderate in skill level) but we got to the canyon only to find out it has been closed since June 1st for construction. I am really glad we found another hike to do though, instead of turning around to leave.

Getting to the trail was pretty easy, but the last few miles were up the side of a mountain on an unpaved, bumpy, dirt road. Luckily it wasn’t too bad for us since our truck has 4WD. Also, I am definitely scared of heights. We were on the side of the mountain and when I looked down my palms immediately started to sweat. They are actually sweating right now as I write this/think about it. I guess I have never known how scared I really am of heights. Now we know.

Once we got to the reservoir where the trail started, we parked and started going up a road that Anthony swore would turn into the trail…you can guess where this is going. Long story short, it didn’t turn into the trail and after asking someone where we went wrong we turned around.ย Once we got to the actual trailhead, it was great!! It was seriously so beautiful. I cannot say that enough. I am sad it took us half the summer to actually get out and do something like this!! Now we know to get our butts out the door and go sooner! But for now, I cannot wait to get out to camp and hike away the rest of summer!

Here’s the highlight real from the 171 pictures I actually took…. Also, a BIG thank you to Autumn and Brad (Fitz too!!) for being such good looking models and letting me take photos of them.

I think they love the truck more than we do!









She secretly loves dogs ๐Ÿ˜‰









Fist pump for standing like a big kid!


My people


Ok Utah, I guess you are pretty beautiful…


Looking real focused…


A Very Special California Trip

I am finally getting around to this post, almost a week late…whoops!
We took a little road trip down to California about a week and a half ago and (not only was it much needed) it was a special little trip because my parents were finally returning home after living in Mexico for THREE years. They were there doing missionary work for the LDS church (they were assigned a certain geographical area of missionaries to lead and watch over) and were constantly on the go and working, so they were pretty tired when they got home but I know they met people and made memories that they will never forget.
Overall, it was a whirlwind of a trip, and I wish we could have stayed another week. Having everyone together again after 3 years was a blast and we had a lot of fun just spending time together. It’s funny how things change when you and your siblings grow up. ha. Everything isn’t quite so chaotic and you actually enjoy each others company!
aaaaand here ย are some of the pics I took, there were over 200 so I narrowed it down for this post ๐Ÿ˜‰


Side note: Anthony and I went for a walk, just the two of us, on our last night there and I told him that sometimes I hate going back to visit California because I always get so depressed when it’s time to leave. And then I cried all the way back to Utah! Hahaha. I really do love our life here, it’s just not fun ending a great trip that wasn’t quite long enough.

Rain Is A Good Thing

Every time it rains I think of the Luke Bryan song, “Rain Is A Good Thing”.

It’s been raining on and off all day which has been kind of nice since its been in the 90’s and hot all week. But I am not complaining because it’s a million times better than the snow!

Anyway, we decided to go out in the rain and explore close to home today with the dogs since we have a neighborhood chili cook off to attend tonight. Anthony and I like to spend as much time as we can with the dogs during the weekend since they spend a lot of time during the week inside. We ended up going out to an empty field nearby where there were lots of trails we could walk on while the pups ran wild and free. Since they love water and freedom, they were in heaven! I took advantage of this opportunity to play around with my camera (Anthony wanted to play with it too, hence some of the pics below..) but since it was raining and I didn’t have a lot of protection for my camera, I didn’t get too many photos. Oh well! Still a good time practicing on my favorite furry subjects!








I usually hate sharing quotes because I think they are cheesy 99% of the time instead of inspiring…but I saw this one and I have to share because its short and simple (and I like short and simple)!

This pretty sums up my thought process every single day. I have really committed to losing weight and getting in shape and it can be really hard sometimes when you don’t see results as quickly as you wish you would…. I have a bad habit of getting frustrated after one week of working out and eating clean because I feel like it’s been a month already and there is nothing to show for it. I have to remind myself that A) it has been ONE WEEK, and B) it takes a lot more TIME and PATIENCE. So I kind of love this picture and I think I will make it my screensaver on my phone so I can be constantly be reminded to chill out and have patience.
So there is my random little motivational post for this lovely Tuesday evening.
Now off to work on that patience while I run on the treadmill….



We have been living here for a little while now but I still haven’t blogged…I guess people should be used to this by now…

We moved up here right after Christmas (middle of winter..) and although it took some getting used to for me, I have grown to really enjoy it here. I got a job at SolarCity, so now Anthony and I get to work together (first time since our Kahuku Grill days!) and it’s been a lot of fun so far. The pups love it up here, but I didn’t think they wouldn’t. I was surprised at how quickly I adjusted to living here but I do still get a little homesick for San Diego every once in awhile. Luckily I will be back soon ๐Ÿ™‚

The weather is finally starting to warm up and we have LOVED going out and exploring with the dogs. I told Anthony this weekend that I really can’t wait to go camping this summer, so we started planning our first camping trip right then and there! Should be a good time since I have literally been camping once or twice and never with dogs…. I will be sure to let you all know how it goes. ha!

Also, since I am trying to get better at taking photos of our life, here are some from our two recent adventures:




love this guy ๐Ÿ™‚


So happy to have water!



Random picture from the apricot tree in the yard because its spring…


If you look closely, you can see me telling Anthony something.. “No, I am not going any further, I just want a photo!”


Awkwardly posed


I seriously cannot get enough of the sky!


I kind of love my little pack and am excited for this summer’s adventures!

My Valentine

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a little throwback of my Valentine and I from our engagement photos. I really love love!

With that being said, I think it’s so important to show our love to those around us on a regular basis too. It doesn’t always have to be extravagant, we can save big gifts for special events or holidays, but we should strive to express our love in some shape or form every day. I know that I’m not always that great at it, but it’s something I have told myself I would work on. I take it day to day, so that its spontaneous and specific to the day or activities that are happening. Again, I’m not perfect at it, and I forget some days, but it’s all a work in progress!

I hope Valentine’s Day always reminds us that every day is a good day to express love to the people in our lives.

“Have courage and be kind”

I love Disney just as much as anyone else, but sometimes I think people get really carried away and cheesy about some of the movies. When Cinderella first came out I remember being annoyed at how many people were quoting the “have courage and be kind” line. Yeah it was cute and catchy, but it got old…fast.

So, I was really surprised the other day when my husband and I were watching Cinderella for the second time and this same over used, cheesy line actually got to me in a way it hadn’t the first time. For some reason it has been stuck in my head ALL week and I can’t stop thinking about what it really means to “have courage and be kind”. My husband and I had a (short but good) little chat about it today over lunch and that only made me think about it more.

So what does it really mean to “have courage and be kind”?
Well, in my personal opinion, it can have quite a few different interpretations. The biggest thing that I think about is that we should always be courageous in everything we do, but never compromise or lose our kindness. We can stand up for ourselves and what we believe while still being kind and loving to those who may not agree. Courage goes a long way, but so does kindness.

In one week this has easily become one of my favorite quotes and I really love what it means to me. It’s funny how we can hear or read the same things over and over and they don’t always hit us the same or mean the same every time.

Jane Goodall

I remember being in elementary school and doing some sort of report on Jane Goodall. I don’t think I knew very much about her before, but by the time I was done with the report I thought she was the greatest/coolest/most interesting person ever.

Fast forward to today and I still think she’s pretty darn awesome. In fact I think anyone who has a heart and kindness towards all living things is 100% awesome.

Now, I am not some crazy hippie dippie lady, but I do think that all living things deserve to be here and to be treated with respect just as much as us humans do. I never really put much thought into this growing up, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized just how important this whole thing is. I often ask myself why it’s so hard for so many people to treat other living things with kindness. And I honestly haven’t been able to answer that question because I just don’t get it. I don’t understand how anyone could think their life is more important than any other life.

I won’t go off on some tangent, because I know I probably could ๐Ÿ˜‰….but I think it’s something we can all think about and improve on. I hope to one day teach my children to be in awe of and respect nature. And I pray that there will still be nature for them to appreciate and explore.

Throwback Thursday

Ever since “Throwback Thursday” became a thing, I’ve loved it. It’s so fun/funny seeing what people dig up and share with the world. I know I have some gems of my husband from when he was younger that his mom so graciously shared with me when we were engaged. I warned him that those photos would be forever saved on my computer, I’m still not quite sure he really understood what that meant ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, in honor of one of my favorite Instagram “traditions” (if we can call it that), I’m going to share some throwbacks every week. Consider yourself warned!


I want to say I was around 6 in this photo? At Ponto Beach in Carlsbad, CA?
I would say Anthony is around the same age? Obviously eager to eat that birthday cake ๐Ÿ˜‰
I have one particular photo that I cannot wait to share one week…..though Anthony may forbid me from letting the internet see it!! hahahahaha