Alise & Dallin Bridals

Before I show you any of these beautiful bridal photos, I just have to say one thing – these two are probably the easiest going couple I have ever met! The place they initially wanted to take their photos at was unavailable (we didn’t know this until we showed up) but instead of being upset they did some quick brainstorming and decided on a park up by the mountains. Neither one of them (or myself) had ever been to this park, so we figured it out as we went! They seriously just laughed and went along with everything I had in mind – they really did make my job so easy! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect couple to work with.


First look!









5 years & Tibble Fork Reservoir

I decided to finally post again with a little life update and some random thoughts. (lots of pictures at the end, if you don’t feel like reading haha)

Anthony and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this last week and I still can’t believe its been 5 years! I know it may not seem like a lot to those of you that have been married much longer, but we felt like it was kind of a milestone year. It was also kind of a weird year – I’ll explain that later. I feel like we always choose to have a low key anniversary celebration and every year I am totally ok with that. This year Anthony showed up to pick me up from work a little early and we went to the temple together (if you are not familiar with LDS Temples, you can click here to learn more). Afterwards we went to one of our favorite places to eat and then went home to polish off the rest of the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream we had in the freezer. It was nice and simple.

Now the “weirdness” that came with celebrating 5 years mostly stemmed from my own expectations. I always imagined that by our 5 year wedding anniversary we would have at least one kid, maybe a 2nd on the way. But I’ve learned many times that life rarely goes the way we want it to, and you know what? That’s ok! There are always going to be bumps in the road, obstacles to overcome, and lessons to be learned…and man, am I learning that patience means so much more than waiting in a long grocery line or anxiously waiting for a much anticipated call/package/etc. I would not be as sane as I am (most of the time ;)) without the man who promised me an eternity together 5 years ago. I can honestly look back on the last 5 years, even with all the ups and downs, and be grateful for the time that we have had, just the two of us. I wouldn’t trade these years together for anything. We have learned so much about each other, our relationship, and ourselves – both of us have been stretched out of our comfort zones and changed for the better. We aren’t perfect (shocker, I know) and still have a lot to learn, but I am grateful for the foundation that we have been able to build for the many anniversaries ahead of us.

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On Friday we went up to Tibble Fork Reservoir with the dogs to hang out and spend some time up in the mountains. We haven’t been up there as much as we had hoped this summer, so it was a nice little adventure. The dogs L-O-V-E swimming so they were pretty much in heaven…the people they would shake off next too, not so much. Whoops.

Now the best part, the photos 😉 Anthony hates being in pics (but he makes a good Instagram Husband haha) so all you get are pictures of me and the dogs…




I have been asked a few times, by different people, why I decided to get into photography. I could sit here and write a long post to answer that question, but it all really comes down to two things:

1) I have always had lot of fun taking and editing photos 


2) I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to catch moments for other people so that they can look back on them forever.


I don’t claim to be an expert or a pro, I still have a lot to learn, but it is something I am passionate about and have fun doing. I am excited to keep learning and growing and am so grateful to have a supportive husband who pushes me to get out of my comfort zone on a regular basis and a family who lets me practice on them!

Here are some of my favorite moments that I don’t think I have shared with you yet:

This photo literally melts my heart. A quiet moment between my dad and one of his grandsons ❤️ A sweet reunion after 3 years apart.
And this! I love when families play together. It’s the easiest, most natural way to get genuine smiles out of kids – and parents!
If you can’t feel the love in this photo, you have no heart.

Thanks for stopping by!


Armstrong Family Photos

First of all, I am so so glad these guys moved to Utah because, I mean, who wouldn’t want to see these beautiful faces on a regular basis?! The Armstrong’s are the sweetest family and Anthony and I love them so much.

I was beyond excited to take these photos of them and they were the best sports about trekking through the snow for an hour. I seriously just love them (I can’t say that enough) and am so happy with the way these turned out.




Also, you may have noticed some changes to the blog….stay tuned for some exciting fun things!!



Senior Photos – Hayden (part 1)

It was our year to spend Thanksgiving with the Ellsworth side, and they were the best for making the trek up to Utah to spend it with us. It was a lot of fun having everyone in one place for few days! My parents were also in town so I got to see a little bit of them as well. I just wish everyone would move to Utah..but that is definitely wishful thinking! Anyway, on Friday we went up to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square and we forced Anthony’s little brother to wear a sweater for some senior photos. Let me start by saying that this kid LIVES in flannel, jeans, and boots. Not sweaters from Gap…which is what we made him wear – and they turned out so good. Can I even say that about my own photos? Oh well, just see for yourself:

(Also, they are all in B&W because I love B&W portraits)






I will be taking more of him in his element around Christmas time (aka the woods/wilderness/anywhere he can shoot a gun) so there will be a senior photo session part 2.
Oh, and I suppose I can make sure to include some color photos too..

Whittier Family

Before I share any pictures, I have to say, I have NEVER laughed so much while shooting. Ever. This family was SO fun and easy to shoot, they made my job super easy. Also, these two little guys were seriously adorable and hilarious (and not camera shy at all!) so there were never any dull moments, which makes for the perfect photos!

Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday with the Whittier’s:





Honestly, I loved them all and it was so hard choosing just a few for my blog!! But I can’t share all their photos, so I had to use a little self control and only share a few 😉


****** I am still looking for a few more families/individuals who would like to do a photo session with me (for free!) so if you or someone who know in Utah is interested, don’t hesitate to send me an email ( or message! Also, don’t forget to follow me on instagram, @paigealisephoto!*****

Seeing Double

A couple of weeks ago my younger sisters graduated from BYU (it’s still crazy they are old enough to be college grads!!) so we took it as an opportunity to celebrate all weekend! Naturally I had my camera with me most of the time, so after their graduation ceremony I forced everyone to wait so I could take photos of the graduates…and I am pretty happy everyone waited around because, if I may say so myself, they turned out pretty great 🙂

Also, in case you couldn’t tell…yes, they are identical twins. It’s actually funny how many people ask if they are twins, like you can’t tell from looking at them!!







Sunday Photos

So, most people who really know me and have known me for awhile, know that I love taking pictures. I was that annoying girl who ALWAYS had her camera and took pictures of every single event. Seriously, I had to go through and hide so many albums on Facebook because it was a little embarrassing!!

Anyway, Anthony has been telling me for ages that I should really get into photography and have fun with it. There has been a lot of debate, long conversations, him convincing me, and me being nervous/scared/weird about jumping in. It’s kind of intimidating and a little scary putting yourself out there for others to see.
But! I’ve decided to do it, have fun, and see where this goes. I started a second Instagram (@paige.alise) so I could have a place to post photos and not bombard those who follow my personal account. So if you are interested in what I have to post, please go and check it out!
Now to the good stuff (pictures obviously)
We had Harper and Blair over tonight for dinner and I got to do a little impromptu photo shoot with them as the sun was going down….and can I just say, 1) these two are such babes and SO photogenic and 2) these sunset photos gave me all kinds of heart eyes!! Ha! But really, I’m so grateful these two put up with me and walked through dirt and pokey bushes so I could snap some photos!