Full Capacity

I had never shot a gun before last weekend and was actually pretty scared of them. I would get sweaty hands and my heart would race whenever I was around a gun, loaded or not. I always knew (being married to a big second amendment guy) that I would have to learn how to shoot one at some point, but I always found myself putting it off.

I’ve never had a traumatic experience with a gun, so I can’t speak from that standpoint. But I had a fear of guns because everything I thought I knew about them made me uncomfortable.

We all have assumptions about what something will be like, or maybe that’s just me, and if those assumptions scare us or intimidate us we tend to back away and go a different route. I could make a list of all the times I’ve done this in my life, but I’m afraid it would be 10 pages long! I have found that my assumptions typically feed my fears. For example, I assume something will be awkward so I allow my fear of said awkwardness to keep me from going/participating. When in reality it may not have been awkward at all! Or maybe I assume something will be dangerous, and I allow my fear of getting hurt keep me from participating in a fun and perfectly safe activity…or maybe I assume that because I can’t surf I definitely won’t be able to snowboard, so I never even give it a try because I don’t want to fail at it.

Instead of putting these assumptions and fears aside it is so much easier to stay within our safe little comfort zones. Unfortunately, we don’t do a lot of growing and stretching within that comfort zone. We grow as individuals when we push ourselves – when we test our limits and discover how much we are really capable of, both mentally and physically.

I am not perfect at this, by any means, but it’s something I am always pushing myself to be better at and some days it’s hard! Actually, most days I don’t want to leave the comfort of my little bubble. Then there are some days when I just need a little encouragement from my husband, friends or family. But I am always so excited and happy when I do stretch myself and learn a new skill, find a new favorite food or activity, or reach a personal goal I never thought I could. 

But I want to hear from you! What have you accomplished by venturing out of your comfort zone?! Or what are some goals you have that will require leaving your comfort zone??